About Us


We work to rock your party.

Orange Dolly is a creative house that works in making enchanting party elements exquisitely for a baby shower and birthday events. Right from party hats and banners till the banquet, we have got you covered. Our products are made with utmost care and love, for the baby that is made for. We formulate every theme party ideas to make it one of a kind. We heed to every detail you mention and accomplish your requirements with finesse.

Every product of ours is designed and developed by placing customers as the prime aspect. Our products are handmade with intense efforts even at packaging, to make it appealing while unboxing it. Every single phase of the product cycle is given enormous attention.


We design and bring out lovely décor elements that will remain to speak of the beautiful memory that you had during the party. You can have them as keepsakes for a long time enough to cherish it.

We are glad to make products and services that are 70% plastic-free and recyclable ever since we started. We value customers’ requests and expectations than every other thing. 

And yes, our price tags will never let you down.

At the end of day, what makes us happy is the contentment that you feel with Orange Dolly.

Our Story

Passionate thoughts bring out magical reality

We have always believed in our inner instinct that kept telling, ‘Damn, you are wonderful creative heads’.  This beautiful instinct and the desire to make it work, led us to accomplish our first work in making birthday banners for a friend’s party.  The love and support that we received at our first work motivated even more to reach where we are now.

Back in 2018, it used to be one customer per day; and now we serve ever readily an average of 50 customers per day. This progress is the fruit of our flamboyant pursuit in the genre we believed in.

We marvel in adding grace to even the insignificant fragment that is left over. We make sure every work of ours gives a beautiful perception to the spectator. And we never get tired of doing this, every single time, with as much love as spent during our first work.

Now that’s the story of our magical reality.

Our vision

To outact every work we do, with a fair price and outstanding quality.