Wild and Weird for a while!

Life is a tiny, supple box of infinite surprises. And it could be happy, sad, pretty, weird, and everything. Staying oblivious is the one role that we all play, while we encounter every layer of the surprise box. And it is always okay to be innocent for a while, as it is the sweetest thing that the surprise can find in us.

Orange Dolly is gruntled to launch its latest decoration theme that will totally drive you to the world of adventure and enchantment, just like how Max was, when he was sent to bed without supper. Oh yes, we just broke the surprise a little too soon. It is all about the “Where The Wild Things Are”.


What we so much love about this incredible story is that, how Max transforms his rage into an astounding, mammoth imagination, at the end of which, he comes back to the reality and finds the surprise supper still waiting for him hot. The surprise element is our favorite part, yup, the hot mealJ.

Our products are brilliantly designed featuring the theme with the best quality source material. You have the glittery cake toppers adding glam to the cake, the dazzling first birthday banners for your sweetling’s first party ever and a mini surprise wild one décor combo comprising of wild one banner, cake topper and crown. Our incredible party combo includes wild one banner, crown, cupcake topper, shimmering garlands, plates and napkin, almost all that is required for a theme party.

Do place your order and sit back comfortably waiting for our wonderful box of surprise to rock your jungle party.

Remember, we will never stop surprising you!

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