A Stellar Love

We all grew up watching our dazzling distant relatives above, the Sun, moon and stars. These miraculous wonders never failed us from inspiring us to shine and surpass like them. And we never get tired of boasting ourselves that we belong to this breathtaking solar family.

Isn’t it wondering to feel that we are all held up by the blissful bond that unites the lovely planets of the stellar family? It is already 4.5 billion years, neither the Sun nor the planets are exhausted of their routine, pull, rotate, revolve and repeat. An unconditional, radiant role is what the Sun plays, like a mother, in holding all her planets at place, with a love beyond infinity, which we term GRAVITY.

As a gesture of love for this magical Solar system that we belong, we happily announce our brand new Space and solar theme banners. The banners are very creatively designed to look cute and adorable. The goggles, tiny limbs and fancy hover boards gives a supercool look to spice up the party vibe. Like how much we love our planet, we also respect it. Orange Dolly prefers using eco-friendly materials for all its products, as an attempt to save the planet Earth which is partly depleted.

Let’s live, love & relish this amazing legacy and leave it safe for our future ones.

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