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Ready to throw the best party ever with you as a party host? Is it your first time throwing a party and you want it to be exciting and memorable? Then you are in luck! Here is The Ultimate Party Guide that’ll only end with the night with you toasting for such a successful gathering!

Pick a Location, Date and time

When picking out a location make sure to keep in mind the number of your guests so you can estimate how  big your venue needs to be. The date and time is completely up to you and what you think what time and day best fits your party theme.


This is where you channel all your creativity, outer space, laser beams, rainbow unicorn and an infinite number of ideas for a party theme! Don't hesitate to get inspo from the web (Make a Pinterest board for added organization and more style inspo)

Send invites 

What even is a party without guests! Make sure to send out invites or e-vites (We prefer the latter, it's 2021!) and make sure that the invitation layout gives the guests just a subtle hint of what to expect from your awesome themed party.

Plan food

The most exciting part is figuring out your menu. Because who doesn't like planning what to eat? If it is a small party then it's safe to put that toque blanche on and cook for your guests but if it's a large party then it is always safe to opt for catering.


There should never be a dull moment! Make sure to stray away from cricket sounds and dead air and intricately plan your party activities, from what music to play to what games and other activities your guests should do.

Party decorations

And of course, a party won't be a total banger without decorations! Make sure to pick out buntings, hats, signs and plenty of more decor that fits your theme well. Check out Orangedolly for more ideas!

Good luck throwing your best party yet!

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