Explore the joys of your birthday… How about space travel?

When looking for the best children's party theme idea it is best to take note that children are all in for any kinds of adventure. And what better adventure there is to have than an out of this world intergalactic adventure!

With a wide variety of things we can find in outer space, having a space-themed party would be easy to pull off a dazzling party with stars, planets and astronauts. You can even incorporate Sci-Fi movies to make it a little more specifically themed but who's stopping you to make the party as vast and grand as it can for the kids?

You can start by giving out invitations and instead of the conventional "You are invited!" try to be a little more creative and exciting to get your child's visitor very excited at the upcoming party like "You are chosen to go on an intergalactic mission." and anything along the lines of going to outer space. 

If you want your child's party to truly be memorable then make it a costume party! What can be more enjoyable to kids than an intergalactic gathering with their fellow astronauts and other heavenly beings, this party will truly be a cosmic experience for the little ones!

And of course, your child's party won't be such a hoot without a few fitting decorations that would set the space-themed mood! Go for colorful planet buntings, space-themed party hats, cut out spaceships and constellation images. Go for popping and eye-catching colors to truly simulate an outer space experience!

And when the children are done with their cosmic adventure, you can send them back to earth with loot bags containing space-themed cookies and candies, spaceship blueprints maze activities, colorful trinkets or anything striking and corporeal memento that can remind them of their swell time on an intergalactic children's party!

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