When the party's over: How to properly dispose of your party decor

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Now that you've had your fun and unleashed the party person that was in you all along, it's time to do the responsible thing as a party host and as an earthling. Getting everything all tidied up and back to normal! House parties can be a total menace and a pain in your backside, especially when you throw a major party with major décor. It did look magnificent during the whole course of the party but it is time to put them down now so what should you do?

Pop it!

Start off with the fun part, pop all the balloons you used for the party, balloon arch, floor balloons, balloons taped to your walls and ceilings; all of it should go *pop!* carefully use a trusty pair of scissors, a pin or any pointy object that you can use to make them pop. 

Weight it!

Helium balloons are a unique case, as fun and light as this element can be, handling them incorrectly can lead to serious accidents and injuries. Inhaling copious amounts of it can even lead to death by asphyxiation in just minutes. If you do not want to manually let helium balloons deflate by undoing the balloon knot by hand, you can simply weigh it down properly so it won't float away until it deflates entirely and you can finally dispose of it.

Re-use it!

If you used foil balloons then you are in luck! This is a special type of balloon that can be filled and refilled multiple times so you better save it up for your next party. Carefully deflate it using a straw and store it away for later use.

Repurpose it!

You can get creative with all that colorful things on hand and who knows, maybe you can make a great home décor out of it! If you are not into engaging in something crafty, you can always just dispose of the now popped balloons properly or donate them to companies that recycle with programs that offer to recycle all of your post-party supplies.

You can always go for less waste when you opt for other decorations other than balloons that are equally colorful and fun!

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