Touch of Midas: How to throw the best Golden Birthday Party

Your big day is fast approaching and it is not just any other birthday for you are celebrating your 50th one, the golden era, the start of something brighter and more dashing! Here are a few Golden Birthday party ideas you might want to incorporate on your special day.


Get your groove and it's time to disco!


What better way to make it shine than making it sparkle with a big ol' disco ball! Just because it is a grown adult's birthday doesn't mean it has to be a sophisticated and elegant dinner party! If that is simply not your thing, you can always opt for an awesome golden roller skate disco party.


Bubbles all around!


Since we are on the topic of elegance, what more elegant beverage there is than champagne! A golden birthday is also called a champagne birthday with its victorious and celebratory association that is somewhat linked to gold, make sure to get your guests liquored up with this golden refreshment.


Element fusion


Why stop at going for a golden theme when you can incorporate other elements? And what better element that might be than gold's bestfriend silver! With these two gorgeous colors, you can pull off a celestial-themed party that is definitely out of this world!


Touch of Midas


If you are looking for something more luxurious and unbeatable, you can always go above and beyond and opt for a touch of Midas-themed party. It is fairly simple, everything must be in gold, gold decor, gold-sprayed fruits, gold beverages and good with gold shavings. You can make everything look like a hundred bucks with a sprinkle of gold dust!


Whichever way you want to celebrate your 50th day, make sure to make it as special and unique as you want to for an awesome day you and your guests will surely remember!


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