Like When We Were Kids: The Best Blanket Fort Party


Everyone of any age is a big fan of blanket forts, it is a childhood activity that is always associated with something positive and fun, so why not incorporate that same fun we all experience as children now that we are older? Just imagine how bigger and better the blanket forts you can build now that you've got plenty of space you can occupy and no one to tell you to put the fort down!


How to throw a blanket fort party:


Stability is a must! When it comes to making blanket forts, you have to make sure that the flimsy fabric that you use are well-put together so your giant tent-like DIY house can last the whole night long during your blanket for party, make sure to sure other items other than blankets such as pillows, stools and plush toys. The fluffier your blanket house is in the inside, the cozier it would be!


Ditch the candles


When it comes to building forts, make sure to take note of the alternatives that you use on a conventional party like not using candles for your cake or as any form of decor inside the blanket for. It is a major fire hazard so it is best to avoid it. Decorate with fairy lights instead just to set that majestic and mystical vibe and opt for other party decorations to make your blanket fort have a breath of life. Balloons scattered all over the floor is a great way to add a pop of color and character to your blanket fort .


Building a blanket fort can really unleash your creativity and it can give you and your guests a blissful throwback experience no other themed-party can give so if you're planning to throw a memorable party then this idea is a great choice to consider!

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