How to Throw a Pajama Party That You and Your Guests Will Enjoy

Make a guest list

The whole theme and flow of the party solely depend on who you choose to put on your guest list. To determine whether or not you should throw a family-friendly party or strictly just for you and the girls so better get this done first things first!

Send out invitations

Apart from the date, time, and venue of your pajama party (which most probably will be held right at home) you can also specify on the invitations what particular pajama attire the party should be. ( Casual sleepwear, fun overalls, laidback jammies, and many more)

Make a list of activities

Another fun thing about pajama parties is you can just think of a random cool activity to do with your guests off the bat and just roll with it! But of course, it is always best to plan. Pajama parties are intimate and often shared with close friends and family, here is a shortlist of things you can do all night long!

  • Braid each other's hair
  • Paint each other's nails
  • Do each other's make up
  • Have a friendly cook-off competition
  • Bake pastries
  • Make a blanket/pillow fort
  • Watch a movie
  • Play personalized bingo
  • Learn origami together
  • Karaoke 

Decorate and set up your party

Pajama parties are quite easy to pull off as it gives off a laid back and relaxed type of celebration so you don't need to go big on ornamental things, opt for colored balloons and buntings just for a slight pop of color that suggests that it is indeed party time!

Prepare food and beverages

Pajama parties are all about relaxing and having fun so don't overthink and overdo your food and beverage selections! Opt for finger foods and snacks you can simply pick up from the grocery store and you're well on your way to throw the best pajama party ever!

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