How To Throw a Movie Party

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House parties are fun and quite easy to host, just throw on a few buntings, balloons, and a copious amount of fun snacks and you've got yourself a classic house party! But how do you transform a basic house party into something memorable and will give your guests a cool party experience that they will surely remember? Easy, you decide on an awesome theme! And what better theme would that be than a good ol' movie party.

Movies are a vital part of popular culture and almost everyone can bond on famous movie line references and costumes, no matter who you meet in the world, you can always bond over classic famous movies to talk about, and that right there is an instant icebreaker between you and your guests!

What you need to keep in mind


Go big and make it a costume party, you can narrow it down by making it a 'classic movie only' costume party, your guests will definitely channel their creativity and have a swell time picking out who to portray, giving them a fun experience even before your party starts.


What is a movie party without a movie reeling in the background! Dust out that old projector and play a few of your favorite films with minimal sound as your film-themed party goes on, it can really set the vibe and it doubles as an effortless and on-point decor for your party.

Food and decoration

The way you present your food is a part of setting the scene of your movie-themed party, people often associate movies with popcorns so you better pop up a few of those hard kernels and serve them as they do in the movie, go for the classic popcorn cardboard theatre bucket to really go with your film theme!

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