Goody Bag Ideas For Adult Parties

Goody bags or loot bags are a great way to top off your awesome party. Send your guests home with fun and useful items that can let them remember your cool party. Call it the cherry on top of your perfect party!

Whether you are throwing a house-warming party, a birthday party or a simple Holiday party, goody bags or party favors are always a swell idea and it also gives the host a fun time to get creative with the content of the loot bags.


Your loot bag should be in line with your party's theme (e.g. Office party; colorful sticky notes, Housewarming party; scented candles) that way your guests can remember the fun times of the party you threw by the trinkets you'd send them home with.

Practical trinkets

Opt for something useful and practical without breaking the bank! Send your guests home with usable trinkets like coasters, paperweights, metal straw sets, pop sockets and stationary! All trinkets along these lines will surely warm your guests hearts! Adults rarely have time to purchase seemingly insignificant and tiny things like these so your guests will truly appreciate them.


Free food or drink? Adults love those too! You can send off your guests with tiny bottles of wine, breath mints and even gift certificates for coffee shops and dining places


If you really want to be one with whatever season you are throwing your party in, then you can opt for season-inspired gift bags. For summertime you can give your guests sunblock sachets, cooling spray, beach towels, and a compact fan. For the winter season you can put; lip balms, scarves, Holiday-inspired cookies, and thick socks. There can be plenty more to add a wow factor in your gift bags, it's your time to get creative and resourceful!

Although goody bags may seem exclusively for kids, you may be surprised at how many grown-ups will find them endearing and memorable. So better send your guests off with a smile that can last up until the party is over!

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