Goodie Bag Ideas For Toddlers

Looking for the best ideas to put together the best goodie bag for toddlers? Whether you are throwing an adorable party for your little one or helping a friend out, goodie bags are almost always undermined when it actually is such a swell idea specially for a children's party! Here are a few great ideas and tips we have for when you put together a goodie bag for toddlers!


Ditch those fun glasses and other seemingly good children accessories that would probably be just left undermined at the bottom of their toy basket. Give your co-parents a favor and opt for something practical and go for activity books. A simple two-paged coloring or tracing book with small crayon boxes can go a long way and you can be sure that it is well-used and enjoyed!


Another thing you can put in a goodie bag is something the child crafted early on the party. To do this, make sure to have a fun activity planned for the party like T-shirt decorating, canvas painting, jewelry-making and many more! You can get the kids to participate by making a friendly competition out of it and then you can send them off home with whatever masterpiece they created!

Skip the sugar

Cut candy from your goodie-bag must-have list ( We all know how riled up and active little ones can be when all sugared up) and opt for sending them off with a healthy snack instead. Their parents or guardians will definitely thank you for it! Stick with healthy yet tasty graham crackers, milk boxes and a few more yummy yet healthy snacks that children love.

Put a bow on it!

Make sure to package well. Children are such visual little creatures and presentation is everything! Opt for a packaging that is strikingly colorful and fun to spark any tiny tot's interests.

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