Get creepy and kooky with the Addams Family!

Crop girl demonstrating scary face while frightening with dirty hands during Halloween celebration in nature

If your little tot is one of those unique folks who loves all things spooky and kooky then throwing them an Addams Family themed party will surely be a swell idea! May that be for a birthday or any occasions for your kid, this theme will surely be the most pleasantly ooky party peg there is!


Put a witch's shawl on!


Make sure to dress according to the party theme and dress in sleek, sophisticated black attire along with your guests. Make sure that your guests are informed of the party theme and the dress code, a convenient evite will surely come in handy for that task!


Get a broomstick you can crawl on!


Set up the spooky vibe in the venue! You don't have to break the bank and rent for a manor as terrifyingly luxurious as the Addams but you can revamp your modern home into something gothic and spookily appealing! Instead of the traditional party buntings, opt for fake cobwebs and if your house happens to already sport some, then you are in luck! Spring cleaning would be on a hold off!


Play a call on!


Now that your venue and your guests are all set, see to it that the party entertainment is also on point with the theme. You can project the Addam's Family on a plain wall as the party goes on and then play games with a spooky twist! Here are a few game ideas for your party;


  • Toilet Paper Mummy Race
  • Pumpkin Patch Stop (with orange balloons)
  • Pin the Bow on the Skeleton
  • Candy Corn guessing game


Anything spooky and fun can surely be a great addition to your Addams Family themed party which makes it such an easy party peg to pull off!


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