Dress to the nines and party on cloud nine: A euphoria themed party

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Euphoria's latest season just dropped the new set of casts and we're totally here for it. If you're a total Euphoria fan like us who's just excited and cray cray for the show then this party idea might be the best one to go for! 

Up in the clouds

You don't have to literally be up high in the clouds to party to cloud nine but do make sure to really think about the venue of your party. The ambiance is very important, since euphoria is typically rave-like it is best to have a semi-enclosed disco venue or if you are in a budget, you can always close up your home with blackout curtains to turn it into something dark, mystical and ready for your awesome décor!

Make it shine!

Glitter, metallic and sparkle is very vital to pull off your euphoric party. A sparkly backdrop is a good piece to start with for a wee bit of a fancy background but if you are looking for something more extreme and you'd want to replicate a rave scene, disco lights and LED lights are your décor best friends! Just make sure that your lights and the décor are cohesive in terms of color for it to blend out splendidly and create the best DIY rave scene!


You can never go wrong with fast-food! When it comes to a sleazy-like party like this, pasta and pizza is your best bet or opt for any snack that generally reminds you of your high school days and you're well on your way to pulling off an awesome Euphoria themed party!


Don't forget to invite your guests to your awesome soiree, a themed evite is the perfect invitation you can conveniently send out with just a few clicks and make sure to let your guests know the theme and the dress code because their edgy and chic outfits can help justify your Euphoria party!

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