Boho-themed party for the free-spirited mommy: How to Throw a Chic Bohemian Baby Shower

Girl Kissing Her Mother's Belly

If you're one of them chic soon-to-be mamas then better keep reading! We've got so many Chic Boho Baby shower party decor ideas all for you! Whether you are looking for decor that's a bang for the buck or you want to get crafty, a Bohemian-themed party is the best party peg to opt for.


Catching zzzs and Dreams


Is it even a Boho party without dream catchers? You can repurpose your casual home dream catcher decor as a party prop. Tepees are a popular Boho symbolism as well and they are extremely easy to DIY! A few sticks and scrap fabric and you're well on your way!


Old Ammo


You can repurpose that old wrapping paper you keep saving but weren't going to use anyway by cutting them into arrow pieces. You can use tiny arrow cut-outs as confetti and you can also cut up large ones and hang them up as buntings.


Get Folding


No need to break the bank for a florist! You can get crafty on your own with a few origami papers and set up a whole party flower background all with the might of your fingers.


You can check out various designs you can create all on your own right here. 


Macrame Invasion


If you happen to already rock the Boho peg even before throwing your cool baby shower, then your home decor must be on point for your party! That means less work on decorating for you. Those macrame wall art will surely set the mood for your Boho-themed baby shower soiree.


Floor it


And of course, don't forget to accommodate your guests, no need to get all detailed and stressed out about the sitting arrangements, you can simply get various pillows and chill on the floor, laid-back style! This makes the party more intimate and allows you to be closer to your guests. 

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