A HOPPY party: How to host an Easter egg hunt

Throwing an Easter party is often purely for the kids. They deserve to have fun anyway! If you plan to give your little ones a blast for the holiday, then you better start planning your egg hunt soiree since the Easter bunny is right around the corner!

Rabbit hole

Keeping the special eggs in hiding spots is sort of a no-brainer. Better make it challenging and even more fun for your little ones and incorporate tiny games in your hunt! A riddle they can answer to give them a hint on the egg's location will surely make those teeny brain gears going! You can also put other mini-games in your hunts like hop races, mazes, and other bunny-themed games!

Bunny dropped this!

Make sure to make the 'Easter bunny's eggs special and throw in a few sweet treats in there, anything that can surely be a hoot for your little one's sweet tooth! You can get toy eggs for this one and simply fill them up with tiny chocolate and other little treats that your little one can enjoy. They deserve a tasty treat after their hard work in finding it!

Pro tip: Easter egg hunts are simply scavenger hunts for children, make sure to keep the riddles and the hints challenging enough for kids to enjoy. Splitting the kids into teams with at least one leading adult per team will surely spice the game up and fire up the friendly competition in finding the hidden eggs. Adults and children alike will surely enjoy your Easter egg hunt party!

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