Feeling a wee bit sus of your friends lately? Better head over to the cafeteria and press that red button! Let your friends gather around for an awesome among us themed soiree! But how do you pull off a virtual game party in real life? Better keep reading and find out!




You don't have to go full on with decorating at an among us party! All you have to do is pick out decor that is with the same color palette as the player colors selection is (E.g. Cyan, Pink, Black, Red, Yellow, etc.) and you'll easily have an among us vibe on any space. A few buntings and confetti with this colour palette can do wonders to your Among Us themed party! You can also print out some lay out maps of motherships in the game and post it on your walls just to give it a more space-y vibe!




You can always get a custom-made cake and cookies for any themed party but if you are on a budget, you can easily print out among us color characters and stick them on your cupcakes and cakes! Now that is a smart themed birthday party hack anyone should know!


Choose your player


Make sure to have invites sent out for this awesome soiree and in there, see to it that your guests are informed of the color of the clothes they'd wear for your party. No need to go full on and wear a red spacesuit, you can always opt for a solid color outfit theme and that should be enough to not look sus!


And for games, what better way to have fun in an Among Us themed party than playing Among Us! Gather around and see how fun it is to play the game semi-virtually when all your virtual friends are just nearby. Have a surreal time at your Among Us party and don't get kicked!

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