“What’s your favorite month?” someone asked me, and I say, “Easter month, it is!J” (a huge grin on my face).

This beatific month of faith and devotion coupled with spring is a bunch of serenity and joy. The closure of the steadfast lent days definitely got to be a resplendent celebration.

 Easter celebrations are more fun as it is the day of the Greater Risings. All the grownups make it a chance for a much-wanted gathering to meet friends and families, the people we love.  And the children couldn’t be any less amused with all the lovely Easter bunnies and hunting the brightly colored Easter eggs.

More of spreading love, and filling the emptiness with faith and radiance.

We gleefully delight you this Easter ’19 with two of our ornate décor elements, Easter wreaths, and baskets, to spice up your dreamy decoration ideas.

Like how beautiful flowers are held with a lustrous string, the wreaths are exquisitely done with all the passion of uniting people by love and bliss. Our baskets are intricately designed with elegant patterns that go along with the Easter’s day and remain to be a perfect decoration element. These can be customized as desired with all your favorite colors, patterns, and sizes.

Wish you poise and charming Easter’s day J